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Successful & Healthy

health-fitnessIf you’re aspiring to live a successful life, or perhaps you’re already enjoying everything that comes with having achieved success, the one thing that you really can’t over look is your health. For a lot of people, success can often mean money, a nice house and car, a great job, or any other material reward for our hard work and application… and those things are nice, but you won’t enjoy any of them if you don’t feel as healthy as possible. True success is about achieving the best in all areas of your life – money, career, relationships, and very definitely health. Continue reading

The Path to Success

self-improvementWe are all presented with literally hundreds of images every day of glamorous celebrities living lifestyles that turn us practically green with envy. However there are those that look upon such people and turn green with envy and then there are those that look at them and become inspired as to how they’ll be there, on that beach, enjoying that luxury holiday, in 5 or 10 years time. The former group often looks at the latter group today as dreamers, but after those 5 or 10 years have passed the latter group will be looking at the former as those that didn’t dream enough. Continue reading

The World’s Greatest Failures

Once you embrace failure as part of the past to success, rather than the end of a dream, it’s amazing what you can achieve. Just look what happened to these famous failures.

Failure: The Secret to Success

Many of us grow up with the idea that failure is a bad word, and to fail is bad. But it couldn’t be furthest from the truth. As long as you keep trying, you will never fail. This video from Honda explains it perfectly.



Remember, there is no failure, only feedback.

Kick Out The Ladder

As a concept it might sound a bit of an extreme way to encourage success, but this lesson from Honda can be likened to another enouraging saying “sink or swim”.